Presentation Summaries

Does Your Business Continuity Plan Need A Makeover? (Also Titled, “Law Firms And The Day You Hope Will Never Come: Preparing For Disaster”)

It could be a burst pipe, a fire in a neighboring suite, a workplace violence incident or a weeklong power outage….it doesn’t have to be a natural disaster that could close or affect the reputation of your business. Does your current business continuity plan address all the essential components necessary to seamlessly continue providing services to clients/customers if such a situation were to occur? If not, then this session is for you.  Items such as IT recovery and cyber security protection, alternate work space, risk management and compliance, crisis communication systems and comprehensive written business continuity plans will be discussed in an interactive session.


Testing Business Continuity Plans – Best Practices for Businesses
These days, most businesses have some type of written business continuity plan in place within their companies and offices to help deal with unexpected disasters or emergencies. But have those plans been routinely tested or do they just sit on a shelf gathering dust? Do you have all the necessary and required resources in place in your firm to test your plans? Your plans could be outdated with no real value in a true emergency.  This session will look at the state of readiness of your business continuity plan, analyze how to ensure compliance with client, regulatory or industry standards and requirements and provide best practices for businesses surrounding the testing of emergency preparedness and business continuity plans.

A Law Firm’s Competitive Edge: Writing Effective Business Continuity Plans
We all know that a comprehensive written Business Continuity plan is an essential part of your firm’s Business Continuity program.  Is your current plan gathering dust on a shelf? Are you struggling to put together a written plan that not only prepares your firm in the event of a disaster, but also meets client compliance and audit requirements and RFP guidelines, regulatory requirements and industry standards that have changed the playing field for Business Continuity in the legal world?  If so, then this session is for you.  This session provides valuable information to any size law firm where you will work through a check list of key components that should be a part of every written Business Continuity plan.  That checklist can then be used to assess and revise your law firm’s current plan.

Disaster Preparedness and Business Continuity: The Psychology of a Crisis
Las Vegas, Thousand Oaks, Napa, Pittsburgh, Puerto Rico, Houston, Wilmington, Panama City, Parkland, Florida: the sites of horrific traumatic events in the last year.  We all see the news every day with graphic images of people who are survivors of wild fires, flooding, hurricanes, terrorist attacks or school children dealing with the aftermath of an active shooter at a school. But how often do we take the time to really think about what happens to us as individuals when we experience a traumatic event?  Behavioral response to stressful incidents or crises and what is actually happening in the brain can be broken down into psychological stages that help to explain why individuals react in certain ways as they experience trauma. This presentation will help those involved in crisis management gain a better understanding of the “human factor” in a crisis and learn how to use this knowledge to better prepare your company’s crisis management team for any crisis situation or disaster they might encounter.

It would NOT happen at my Firm! Workplace Violence on Your Doorstep…
It is difficult to get through any week without hearing a story about an act of workplace violence or an active shooter situation that occurred somewhere in the world. Workplace violence is a potentially serious risk to any business or firm resulting in the potential for reduced productivity, decreased revenue and loss of reputation. Higher turnover results from the stress and potential traumatic after-effects of a violent incident. This interactive session includes important information to assist you in protecting your firm, including discussing types of workplace violence that occur and the characteristics and warning signs of potential violence.  Additionally, steps that all firms and businesses can take to prevent acts of violence from occurring and discussing what to do if an active intruder enters your office or building will round out this session.

Disaster Preparedness: Protecting Your People and Your Data

In any firm or business, the most important assets are people and data.  Firms cannot provide services to clients without hiring talented and well-qualified people and those people, in turn, want to feel that they are working in a safe, secure and protected environment.  These are the very people that can provide the first line of defense if there is a need to evacuate or shelter-in-place in the office and to protect the firm’s data in the cyber wars that threaten a firm’s reputation, clients’ sensitive data and the firm’s profitability.  Are you a business that wants to excel in providing the best client service by protecting your people and your clients’ data but you are concerned you may not be doing all that you can?  In this session you will learn what exercises, drills and training are important to conduct to ensure everyone remains safe in the face of a threat and the key steps necessary to ensure that both your people and your sensitive data are secure.